Monday, 30 July 2012

4 valuable business lessons from TPF 5

The E.Africa highly watched reality show, TPF came to an end last weekend.Congrats to the winner Ruth who beside emerging as a millionaire she is truly talented. For some viewers, TPF only offer entertainment, but if you dig deeper the just concluded TPF show can teach us some valuable business lessons.

 Here are some important business lessons from TPF 5

 Talented employees a must for success

Think of TPF without Judge Ian? To me that would be the most boring show.He brings humor and seriousness in the show.Many hate him but this guy is a true description of what a good judge should be. Mitch too brought humor and laughter to the show
In business ensure that your team is composed of talented individuals. Don't just recruit based on academic performances look for people with passion and talent of what they do. Remember talent tapping, retention and management is one of the the most difficult thing in any organization.

 Competitive advantage

What made Ruth people favorite? she knew her uniqueness(voice and dancing) she simply choose songs that enabled her bring out that uniqueness. Same case in business, you should clearly know your uniqueness and let others see them. Customers will choose you because of that advantage you have over your competitors.
Ruth Matete,the winner TPF 5

Business world is unfair

I cant still believe the purple diva Doreen came 2nd but congrats to her.she is a beautiful lady with a nice voice but clearly lacked that spirit of a star. You all agree Jackson deserved the 2nd place but thats how competitions are-full of unfair  surprises.
Business world has never been fair,you have to be ready to fight for your success no matter the situation. Keep in mind that competitors will try all means to knock you down using all uncouth methods at their disposal. To remain strong always try and be innovative

Social Media is a powerful tool

Social media especially Facebook and Twitter played a big role for Ruth and Doreen success. Fans formed pages to call for support of their favorites contestants,with Ruth and Doreen being the contestants with majority of fans and pages that were active and  highly engaging.Business should fully utilize the potential of social media . A 21st century business cannot consider itself successful if its inactive in social media. Its the high time for business to fully embrace and integrate social media to aid in their operations

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Muthuri Kinyamu said...

Simple and straight to the point.

Gitonga Munene said...

the very simple things that many fail to practice